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Burning Man 2016


Therm shows are the stuff of legend, bringing sound and heat in a spectacular display of color and lights

About Therm

make it hot

Therm formed in 1999, beginning as a loose collection of fire sculptures and their artists, creating provocative shows and sophisticated flame effects. The group is renowned for their use of turbines and liquid fuels effects, pushing the boundaries of controlled flame. Members of Therm are highly experienced and skilled artists, creating sculptures with expert fabrication and advanced flame effects. Therm has shown throughout the US and internationally since 1999, and is experiencing a reignition, driving both senior and newer members to create together. Therm demands innovation in fire art, pushing each other to explore the intersection of thermodynamics and art. Members generally create their own individual sculptures, work shopping and collaborating with each other, and then showing the sculptures as a group. On special occasions, the group builds a shared vision, bringing their talents together to manifest a truly unique and fantastic sculpture.


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Justin Gray

Justin co-founded Therm in 1998. He is a highly skilled mechanic and fabricator and remains the steady pillar of Therm throughout the years, while continuing to make and show solo work. He and his robots share a metal shop in West Oakland.
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Orion Fredericks

Orion has created an impressive portfolio of sculptures that use elements of fire and water to make spectacles not often seen. He joined Therm in the early years, performing and creating sculpture with the group, adding his artistic vision and skill. Orion’s solo work has shown throughout the United States; he lives in Oakland, CA, and works out his shop at American Steel Studios.
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Margaret Long

Margaret Long is one of the newest additions to Therm, bringing to the group her considerable organizational talents, fire art experience, and general force of nature that has driven many a sculpture to fruition.
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Sam Gawthrop

robots and fire
Sam began working with fire in 2005 with what was then Interpretive Arson (now Ardent Heavy Industries). His talents for electrical innovation and fire controls as well as metal working skills make him a valuable addition to Therm.

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